The Heavy Handle Dumbbell is the biggest dumbell innovation since the invention of the dumbbell!There are many new styles of dumbells that have different handles or 'add-a-plate/weight' features, but none that offer the versatility of our new dumbbell system. The perpendicular handles allow athletes to change the angle of resistance to target the muscles of the upper body like never before!! The Heavy Handles are available with 1" ergonomic handles or 2" thick knurled handles for athletes interested in developing extraordinary grip strength.


Develop huge, muscular wrists and forearms with the Heavy Handle Dumbell

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 2014  Special Pricing!!

Sorry, we are out of stock of 2" Heavy Handles

**The Heavy Handles are only available in the USA**
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    $19.95 each + S&H
              or Only
 $29.95 for two + S&H

Available with either 1" Ergo or 2" knurled handles, the innovative Patent-Pending  Heavy Handle™ Dumbbell was designed specifically for the athlete that wants to take their training to the next level..........and beyond.

The Heavy Handle™ allows you to train your chest, shoulders, back and entire arms like never before by changing the angle of resistance for each specific target exercise on either of the two threaded weight shafts.

We GUARANTEE that the Heavy Handle's ™ perpendicular weight shafts will give you the best work-out of your life!!

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